Keeping you, your loved ones and your most prized possessions safe!

  • Lock Smith Service

Complete locksmith service for residential, business or auto. Whether you need a lock repaired or rekeyed, we offer fast, reliable service.


  • Security Systems

We offer a wide range of security systems for both homes and businesses. We will analyze your needs, make product suggestions, install and test the system and teach you how to use it.


  • Safes

Need a place to store your most prized possessions? We sell and install a variety of home or business safes. Depending on what types of items are being stored in the safe we can recommend the right type and size to fit your needs.


  • Door Repair

Your door is the first line of defense to protecting your home. We can fix damaged doors so that they lock properly.


  • Panic Hardware

We can install panic hardware, such as a crash bar, on doors for added protection. The door can then only be opened from the inside by pushing on the bar.


  • Keyless Entry Systems

You no longer need to stuff a key ring filled with keys into your pocket or purse. Keyless entry systems can provide security and convenience by allowing you to open your doors with special codes and only with cell phones you designate have permission to access the system. We install and repair these systems.